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NestJS: The Complete Developer’s Guide Free Download. Build full featured backend APIs incredibly quickly with Nest, TypeORM, and Typescript. Includes testing and deployment!

  • Basic understanding of Javascript
What you’ll learn
  • Deploy a feature-complete app to production
  • Build authentication and permissions systems from scratch
  • Write integration and unit tests to ensure your code is working
  • Automatically validate data included with incoming requests
  • Use an API client to manually test your app
  • Apply structure to your code with Typescript
  • Make your code more reusable and testable with dependency injection
  • Tie different types of data together with TypeORM relationships
  • Get a behind-the-scenes understanding of NestJS
  • Use Guards to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to sensitive data
  • Understand Nest’s special request-response cycle
  • Model your app’s data using TypeORM entities
  • Use decorators to dramatically simplify your code
Who this course is for:
  • Any engineer looking to build an API
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