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Learn Android by Developing Android Apps

What you'll learn

  • Apply for your dream job as an Android Developer
  • Build complex, production ready Java Android Applications
  • Build a fantastic resume in order to show to employers
  • Create Professional Java Applications
  • Create Great Android Applications
  • Bring your own App Idea to Life


  • No Programming Experience is Required
  • No Programming Knowledge Required
  • Passion to Create Awesome Android Apps
  • A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer


Zero to Hero Android Developer Course is Precisely Crafted for the students who want to learn about android and mobile app development but have zero programming knowledge. In this course, students will learn in brief about Android Development starting with the Installation of Android studio and then we will start learning Android UI Components, Android basics by building android applications with the most popular programming language JAVA, then we will learn about parsing data from the internet and Advanced Android Programming and then we will move on to learning SQLite database also by creating an android app and then we will see ways of deploying our android app.
After this course, students will be able to develop their own android app, without just copying and pasting from the internet they will be able to turn their idea into a working android app.
Course Objective
  • Learn to code like the pros - not just copy and paste
  • Learn the latest Android P APIs and services - we don't teach old junk
  • Build apps
  • No Experience is needed
Course Outcome
  • Every major aspect of the course has been explained briefly with both theoretical and practical explanations.
  • To make students understand the development process briefly, everything has been explained by building applications in the practical season.
  • To make students understand problem-solving techniques, errors have been solved step by step and the reasons have been explained briefly in the lectures.

Who this course is for:

  • People who have no programming experience
  • People who want create their own android applications
  • People who want to get a job as an Android Developer
  • People who want to create awesome Android Applications just for fun
  • People who want to work as a Freelancer

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